Monday, August 15, 2016

70th Independence Day of Republic India

Happy Independence Day

Celebrate the Independence Day as a true citizen and join in singing National Anthem, Vande Mataram and participate in flag hoisting ceremony; any where of your comfort, take care of our National Flag and let all respect our National Flag. Save/store our flag after use(reuse it for the next days/coming days of Independence) in books/ wallets/safe/any where. I strongly feel and believe that the Independence day is not meant for one day celebration but the life time celebrations in the lives of its people. We are striving to achieve that with all your support.

<<<India Mission 2024>>>

Sunday, January 18, 2015

India Mission 2024

The Change is you and you can change the change. We are the change and we can change anything which has been obstructing our country to come forward. We are here to analyse what are our fundamental rights and fundamental duties and what they really mean and why they were inducted in our constitution. We must know that they are not freely given to us but to abide and save self and others. We should know first that we are first a citizen to the Nation before all the relations. In the present days, we are feeling our nationality once or twice a year like festivals and pongals. Even visiting the temples plays a significant role rather than praying for the country or praising our country. We the people of Incredible India have joined hands together to wash away dirty politics in India as it is the prime culprit for the present status of India. We always think like anybody will come and make our country proud but no body has been come. So, I thought why don't we start that work without depending on others or waiting for nobody. Thus, this India Mission 2024 took a shape in to format the present situation to be par with the Global Standard like Peace, Economy, Politics, Zero-Corruption, Zero-Poverty, Employment, Great Biodiversity etc.,

We Really Love You Mother

How can we leave our country for God sake while the God always with us in each and every action of ours' . We are not against anything but against the causes of our present position in the world. We got independence in 1947 but China got the same in 1948, when we compare the development in China it is word less because it is now competing with Super Powers like USA, UK, Russia etc.,. The reason for their development is clear i.e., Man power but we do have the Human power then what has been making our country not above China means the Governance in each and every corner in our country. China do have the corruption charges but in our country it is more. So I want each and every individual come together and help together to change our nation's nature. For that  reason only I planned a long term mission to shape our country and direct the people in the better way so as to get the development fairly.

I want to made it clear that if we unite and integrate then only we have the development in real terms. The main and common element among us is that we can easily be molded by others, easily inspired by others which may be positive or negative impact on the society or on us, easily follow anybody but difficult to follow the right thing/person/element. For Example: We personally have two persons inside of us which used to control our each and every moment/emotion/work etc., Actually if you observe or notice one thing that one person is fully opposite to the other in each and every aspect like one say follow right and the other says follow wrong. Technically, the later has the greater impact on us; means we most cases follow the wrong person's direction than the right because we normally like the things which may not have that significance in life. My say is you must unite the two persons of you as early as possible as this is possible by yourself which can surely make you a perfect person. Please try to make that Indians we have the history to the history.